IACT435 Interaction Design Studio

This class presents the synthesis of learning within the field of Interaction Design. Students create interaction design solutions through an iterative, user-centered process, to illustrate their comprehensive knowledge of designing for behavior and the fourth dimension. The goals of the class are:

Student Work Examples

Project: Scratch Project: A Non Profit Consultancy Project: Trinet Project: Triba

About the Class

IACT435 is the final course in the Design minor at SCAD. Students taking this course demonstrate that they are comfortable and skilled designing for the fourth dimension. They must illustrate knowledge of usability engineering, information architecture, ethnography, interactive product design, and perceptual and cognitive human factors.


These lectures are used to emphasize main ideas, techniques, and readings. I speak to each slide for nearly five minutes, but the structure of the content may be useful for others engaged in teaching this sort of material.

Each file is a .pdf of mini-slides. Feel free to email me for the larger version.

  1. Wicked Problems
  2. The Future Isn't What It Used To Be
  3. The Power of Punctuation; Design and Order in Everyday Life
  4. Product Symbolism of Gandhi
  5. Design and Immateriality

Reading Material

Buchanan, Richard, et al. The Idea of Design. MIT Press. ISBN 0262631660.