Jon is a partner at Narrative.

Jon also founded Modernist Studio, which was acquired in 2021, and the design school Austin Center for Design.

He was previously the Vice President of Design at Blackboard, the largest educational software company in the world. He joined Blackboard with the acquisition of MyEdu, a startup focused on helping students succeed in college and get jobs.

Jon has also held the positions of Executive Director of Design Strategy at Thinktiv, a venture accelerator in Austin, Texas, and both Principal Designer and Associate Creative Director at frog design, a global innovation firm. He has been a Professor of Interaction and Industrial Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he was instrumental in building both the Interaction and Industrial Design undergraduate and graduate programs. Jon has also held the role of Director for the Interaction Design Association (IxDA), and Editor-in-Chief of interactions magazine, published by the ACM. He has taught at the University of Texas at Austin, the Center for Design Studies of Monterrey, in Mexico, and Malmรถ University, in Sweden.

Jon is the author of a number of books, including:

Thoughts on Interaction DesignExposing the Magic of DesignWicked Problems: Problems Worth SolvingWell Designed: How to use Empathy to Create Products People LoveCreative ClarityHow I TeachThis Chainsaw Cannot FlyCashing Out: A handbook for selling your creative services company, and a million reasons not to do it

He occasionally throws ceramic pots, is learning to play the sitar, and writes about himself in the third person.