Design Strategy

This course is an introduction to the end-to-end process of using design to drive product and service strategy.

What is Design Research?

About this module

In this introduction to design research, you'll view case study examples, and learn about predictions versus provocations (and which approach is the most successful), and as well as how to implement user-centered research methods including think-aloud testing, diary studies, post cards, and user timelines.

Main topics covered

In this module, you'll learn about:

  • The difference between typical market research and the unique forms of strategy research
  • Different types of research methods
  • Ways organizations have used design research to build empathy and grow their understanding

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Course Contents

What is Design Research?
24 minutes
Design research is about spending time with real people and using their experiences as the center of influence for our designs—rather than shaping them based on technical and market trends.