Design Strategy

This course is an introduction to the end-to-end process of using design to drive product and service strategy.

Introduction to Design Strategy

About this module

Design strategy is all about experience, emotional insight, and narratives, built on a foundation of empathy. It’s designing for behavior over time instead of just a single moment in a static artifact. In this introduction to design strategy, I discuss the ins and outs of combining design and business, transcending reality, getting real about careers, and creating value for companies large and small. From Disney to Blackboard, learn about using design strategy to build iconic brands, products, services, and systems that users want and need.

Main topics covered

In this module, you'll learn about:

  • What design strategy is, and how it plays a role in innovation
  • The pillars of design strategy that form our course framework

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What is a Design Strategy?

The Role of a Design Strategy in Humanizing Technology

Course Contents

Introduction to Design Strategy
19 minutes
An overview of this course: how to leverage design in a transformative way